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Lawanda March 2024_edited_edited_edited.

“Gosh where to start, Lawanda came into our lives and
immediately made a significant difference for us all. She treats our
father like he is her own and we consider her to be a member of the
family. Lawanda is so nice and easy to communicate with and has
the most pleasing demeanor. She makes the care of our father look
so very easy, when we know the job can be tough at times.
Lawanda reached out to me today and asked to come and see our
father in the hospital. She showed up with a get well card and a
welcomed smiled and immediately took over his care. I want
Lawanda to know that we see her and truly appreciate the love,
respect and consideration she shows to our father and entire
family. Congratulations Lawanda on being the Caregiver of the

Month, you truly deserve it.”

Lawanda - Our Father’s Lady

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